Not sure your new business can support you? Do these 3 things.


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Let me ask you a question...are you afraid that your new business may not be able to support you?

It's a question a lot of would be entrepreneurs ask and you might be wondering as well.  

In today's video, I share with you 3 key things you must do before you even think about giving your notice to your manager. 

Doing these 3 things will:

#1:  Give you a strong foundation to build a business that will support you

#2:  Give you the confidence that your business will make money, instead of guessing

#3:  Give you clarity on the financial target that will allow you to walk away

Without question, when set up correctly, your new business can replace your income.  

Don't let fear hold you back from taking the steps to finally make 2021 the year you get your business launched.

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How To Prepare To Transition From Your 9-5 to Entrepreneurship


When you're thinking about leaving the career you've built to run your own business, there are a lot of considerations you have to take into account.  You may already have a business you've started on the side, but it isn't producing enough income to replace your full-time job, yet.

If you're still in the planning phase of starting a business, then you certainly will want to plan your exit out thoughtfully and well in advance.

In this video, I share with you about my journey from my Wall Street job to Entrepreneurship and 5 steps you can begin to implement to make your Entrepreneurship dreams a reality.

Set aside 20 minutes to watch this video on your lunch break or on the way home from work, and get ready to jot down a few notes.  I know you'll find some value in today's video.

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Preparing For The Leap From Your Corporate Career to Entrepreneurship


When you want the freedom of entrepreneurship, but enjoy the comfort of your regular paycheck, letting go can seem like an impossible ask.

In this video, I share my story and the steps that I took to prepare for my leap from my Wall Street career to entrepreneurship.

The Steps:

  1. Start to take action
  2. Work on your business idea in your off hours
  3. Create passive income to help weather the initial ups and downs of starting a business a lot easier 

Watch the video to learn more about these steps and a few more that I shared.

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