Where to find clients for your new business


When you're just starting out, knowing where to find clients for your business will be critical to your success.

The strategies I share here with you in this video will apply to you, whether you work with business or consumer clients.  Even if you think some of these ideas may not be a fit for you, I challenge you to think outside of the box and keep an open mind about how you could apply this to your business.

In summary, I cover the following overall strategies:

1) Organized modern networking

2) Leveraging personal referrals

3) Speaking 

4) Becoming a sponsor

5) Establishing a social media presence

Watch the video to get the full training.

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How to get your first paying clients?


Getting your first paying clients is typically top of the list when you're just starting your new business.

It can be hard to figure out where to start when there are so many options for marketing your business, so in today's video I'm narrowing things down for you.

I'm going to share 3 areas you should focus on in the beginning to help you secure your first paying clients.

Watch the video for full details, but here is a quick summary:

1) Craft your elevator pitch.  You must know how to succinctly introduce your business to pique the interest of your ideal clients and partners.

2) Build a clear and irresistible offer that clients want to invest in.

3) Create awareness for your business, by leveraging networks.  Targeted strategic networking was the turning point for my business and can be very profitable when done right.

Grab a notebook and a pen and watch the video for more insights.

Additional resources:

How to create an effective elevator pitch

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