How to get past the fear of starting your own business


A common struggle that comes up for many aspiring entrepreneurs is fear.  It can have your mind playing all kinds of tricks on you and will keep you stuck if you let it.

I want to dispel the myth that in order for you to become an entrepreneur you have to be a fearless risk-taker, who throws all caution to the wind.

That is simply not true.  What you need is a combination of courage, with a good dose of faith in what's possible for you, to kick those fears to the curb.

Successful entrepreneurs take action despite the feeling of fear.

When I first left my Wall Street job over 14 years ago, of course I naturally had fears.  Fears like would this work out, and if it didn't, would I have to come back and look for a job.

However, I didn't let those fears stop me.  I stepped out on faith and trusted that this opportunity would not have appeared if I wasn't already equipped for it.  God doesn't give you more than you handle, no matter what it may seem like.


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