The Key Elements to Build an Effective Elevator Pitch


When you want to confidently and effectively present yourself, even when you've been put on the spot, perfecting your elevator pitch is the answer.

It's the answer to the question you will get over and over, which is...what do you do?

Having a well thought through elevator pitch will not only allow you to easily attract your ideal clients, but it will also help you attract partners who can refer you clients.

Take the time to craft your elevator pitch/your intro before you need it, and you won't regret it.

Here's a summary of what is covered in the video:

The 4 key elements of an effective elevator pitch

  1. Be able to answer who you are, which is not your title
  2. Who do you help in your business or want to help
  3. What problem do you solve for your clients
  4. What are the results/transformation your clients get when they hire you

Watch the video for the full training and learn how to put this all together.

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How to Easily Attract Your Ideal Clients

When it comes to marketing your business, most of the time it can seem like a constant struggle.  You might be trying to convince a client why they should work with you and it can feel like pulling teeth.

If you know how, marketing can feel easy and you'll naturally attract your ideal clients.

As a new entrepreneur, the first thing you'll likely want to do to get new clients is to network with potential prospects.  This doesn't have to just be offline, but can be online as well.

The challenge I see with most entrepreneurs however, new and experienced, is that they don't know how to effectively talk about their business. 

These are the people you meet at a networking event, and when you ask them what they do, they say I'm an "Accountant".  Now does that really tell you anything about what the person can do for you or someone you know?  No...not so much.

Here is the right way to talk about your business, that will not only tell people what you do, but most...

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