Top 7 Entrepreneurship Lessons of 2020

As we close out the end of 2020, one of the most memorable years on record, I'd like to reflect on some lessons learned.  Without a doubt, some of these lessons were not easy to take, but I hope you will find some value in them.  

Lesson #1:  You must have an income that you control.

This year, unlike any other, has made it so abundantly clear that anyone who only had one source of income was vulnerable.  Vulnerable to losing your income in the minute it took for you to take that call from your manager that you were being furloughed.  Vulnerable to losing the roof over your head.  Vulnerable to loosing everything.

When you have an income that you control, no one can take that away from you.  You get to create real financial security because you create and control what you make.

Lesson #2:  Adaptability is key to survival.

A few years ago, the buzz word everywhere was the "pivot".  You had to be able to pivot or adapt if you were...

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