Top Tips to Building A Team

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How To Build Your List To Grow Your Business

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How To Create An Effective Elevator Pitch

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Powerful Morning Habits for Entrepreneurs

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Top Sales Strategies for Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurial Independence

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Top 3 Lessons Learned About Taxes for Entrepreneurs

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Building The Entrepreneur Mindset


The mind is a powerful tool and when you don't master it, it can hold you back from achieving your biggest dreams.

If you've ever felt like you know what to do, but somehow you can't get yourself to do it, then that's your mind working to keep you in your comfort zone.  If you ever find self doubt creeping in when you're ready to do something big in your business, then that's also your mind working against you.

In this video I share 5 areas to focus your efforts when building your mindset on the entrepreneurial journey, so that you're prepared for the mindset blocks that will come up.

Please share this with a fellow entrepreneur friend or colleague.  We all need to work on our mindset, no matter where you are on the entrepreneurial journey.

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Productivity Secrets of Entrepreneurs


In this video, I share some of my top tips for getting to next-level productivity whether you're just getting started or growing a new business.

At the end of this training, I also share some of my favorite resources for maximizing your productivity.

To get you started, the first step I shared was:

  1. Why making a priority list and not a to-do list is a must for reaching your goals

Set aside a few minutes to watch the video to learn about the other steps and resources that I shared.  

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Building The Entrepreneur Mindset


In this video, I shared about the importance of building your mindset when you're an entrepreneur.  Success in business is not just about how much you know or even who you know.  

Real success first starts in your mind.  It's about what you believe is possible that will drive you to take the actions that will lead you to success.

In this video, I shared five things to consider around mindset.

  1. Making the mindset shift from the old paradigm of you make a living to the new paradigm
  2. The myth about successful people being fearless
  3. Having a vision and how to develop it
  4.  The importance of planning and execution vs dreaming
  5. The power of resistance and how to combat it 


I also shared three of my favorite books, which will help you build your mindset and fight resistance.

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