3 Ways To Turn Your Professional Skills Into Your Own Profitable Business


If you've ever thought to yourself, "how do I turn what I know into a business", then you'll want to make the time to watch today's video.

In today's video I'm sharing 3 easy strategies to get you started on the path to turning your professional skills into your very own profitable business.  Imagine creating a business that not only replaces your current income, but even exceeds it!

I'm a witness that it's possible, if you're willing to open your mind and put in the work.

Find a quiet space, grab your favorite notebook and beverage of choice, and get ready to move past this obstacle. 

If you know someone who is also dreaming of starting their own business, please share this with them.  I want more people to know that you don't have to be stuck behind a desk working for someone else, doing work that no longer inspires you, just to be able to make a great income. 

You CAN take control of your own income, and have no limits.  

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3 Ways Savvy Entrepreneurs Handle Difficult Clients


As an entrepreneur it's inevitable that you'll come across clients that will get on your absolute last nerve.  I know I definitely have. 

You'll start to question yourself and wonder if this is even what you want to be doing.

Before you throw your hands up, and start doubting yourself, I want you to know that there are some ways to not only handle these difficult clients with more ease, but possibly even avoid them altogether from the beginning.

Watch this week's video to learn how I manage difficult clients in my own business and how you can manage clients easier too.

For more tips and strategies to manage and grow your business, download the  FREE checklist I've created for you with over 50 different ideas!  GET IT HERE

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The Power of Life Long Learning For Entrepreneurs



Last week I traveled out of town for three days to attend a conference for entrepreneurs. 

While I was at the conference, I recorded this video, where I share some of my takeaways from my experience about the power of life long learning for entrepreneurs and the benefits of taking time away from your business.

The video is only a few minutes, but you might be surprised by what I share in just that short time.  

My goal is that after watching this video, you will have a different perspective on learning outside of the traditional classroom.

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How To Develop A Winning Business Strategy


When I was in Business School, one of the most popular classes that everyone looked forward to was Strategic Management.  It's one of those areas that so many Entrepreneurs overlook, but big corporations spend a lot of time thinking about it.

In this video, I teach how you can apply one of the most popular business strategy frameworks I learned at Wharton, to your business.  The framework is called Porters 5 Forces, which happened to be developed by Harvard Business School Professor, Michael Porter.  

If you're just starting out, then this framework will set you up for faster success in your industry.  If you have an existing business, and you're ready to take things to the next level, then working through this framework will make the opportunities available to you much clearer.

The first part of the framework I share in the video is about evaluating your existing direct competitors.  The first thought for most entrepreneurs when they think about...

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Are You Built For Entrepreneurship?


In this video, I shared some tips to figure out if you're built for Entrepreneurship and if so, what kind of Entrepreneur you are.

Some of you reading this are on the fence about whether you can be a successful entrepreneur.  Others of you are growing a new business, but it's tough, and you're also wondering if Entrepreneurship is for you.

As you watch this video, ask yourself if any of the points I make apply to you.

If you like this video, then you'll also love my new Entrepreneurship quiz.  Click Below to take the quiz.


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My Top 10 Entrepreneur Lessons Shared Since The Beginning of 2019


In this video from my weekly Facebook Live I shared my top 10 Lessons taught over more than two dozen live trainings since the beginning of 2019.  They're not necessarily in order of importance, but rather in order of how you might make your transition from a corporate job to owning your own business.  

I know I love it when someone gives me a quick summary of the things that will be the most impactful for me, so I thought I’d do the same for you.

I want everyone here to end 2019 with some of your biggest goals completed.  

Let’s make this happen together!

Lesson #1:  There is no such thing as Job Security.   Your only security is the one you create by controlling your income by creating your own economy.

Lesson #2:  Before you make the transition from your corporate job to entrepreneurship, among other things, focus on paying down your liabilities (specifically consumer debt) and make sure you build a cash cushion.

Watch the video to...

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How To Get Booked Solid With Clients


In this video, I tackle a topic that a lot of new entrepreneurs struggle with.  The topic is  “How To Get Booked Solid With Clients”. 

I chose this topic because it’s one that I remember was very difficult for me when I first started out.

When you’re a new entrepreneur, getting clients can be one of your biggest challenges, but once you figure out how to get booked solid, you’ll find that you feel more joy in your business and will be excited about growing your business.


P.S. To get more tips about how to launch and grow your own successful business, download the FREE checklist I created:  

The Entrepreneur's Success Checklist

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3 Easy Ways To Increase Your Business Success


In this video, I’m digging a little deeper into 3 of the strategies I shared in my FREE Entrepreneur Success Checklist, which has over 50 ideas and strategies for launching or growing a successful business.  

You can download your copy here: The Entrepreneurs Checklist

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Why You Need to Start Building Your Plan B Now

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How To Get More Clients

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