Why I don't believe in side hustling

Recently I read an article in Entrepreneur magazine about why the term "side hustler" is not really as admirable as you may think.

For a long time I've felt this way too.  The word "hustler" always brought up so many negative feelings and imagery.

Building a business takes real courage, and yes hard work, but it shouldn't feel like a hustle.

Let me break it down why I'm not a believer in side hustling:

1) When you think of yourself as a "side hustler" and tell people...this is my side hustle...it doesn't feel like a real business.

If you want people to take you seriously, stop calling yourself a side hustler.

When you're building a business, even while you're still working in your current career, you are an Entrepreneur.  Period.

People want to do business with people who are all-in when it comes to their business.  This doesn't mean that you're starting out working the business full-time, but it means that you take your business seriously, and put in the...

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Not sure your new business can support you? Do these 3 things.


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Let me ask you a question...are you afraid that your new business may not be able to support you?

It's a question a lot of would be entrepreneurs ask and you might be wondering as well.  

In today's video, I share with you 3 key things you must do before you even think about giving your notice to your manager. 

Doing these 3 things will:

#1:  Give you a strong foundation to build a business that will support you

#2:  Give you the confidence that your business will make money, instead of guessing

#3:  Give you clarity on the financial target that will allow you to walk away

Without question, when set up correctly, your new business can replace your income.  

Don't let fear hold you back from taking the steps to finally make 2021 the year you get your business launched.

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Top 7 Entrepreneurship Lessons of 2020

As we close out the end of 2020, one of the most memorable years on record, I'd like to reflect on some lessons learned.  Without a doubt, some of these lessons were not easy to take, but I hope you will find some value in them.  

Lesson #1:  You must have an income that you control.

This year, unlike any other, has made it so abundantly clear that anyone who only had one source of income was vulnerable.  Vulnerable to losing your income in the minute it took for you to take that call from your manager that you were being furloughed.  Vulnerable to losing the roof over your head.  Vulnerable to loosing everything.

When you have an income that you control, no one can take that away from you.  You get to create real financial security because you create and control what you make.

Lesson #2:  Adaptability is key to survival.

A few years ago, the buzz word everywhere was the "pivot".  You had to be able to pivot or adapt if you were...

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3 Steps to Turn your Entrepreneurship Dreams into a Reality

I love a good dream!  And most of the times I can even remember the details when I wake up.  If I'm lucky enough to remember it all, I can't wait to share it with my husband, Jeffrey.

Maybe you've had some vivid dreams about being your own boss, but you're ready to stop talking about it and be about it.

It can be fun to dream about that business you want to create, but dreams alone won't get you very far.

When I was still working in the corporate world, I spent years dreaming about what I would do when I finally went out on my own.  What helped me finally turn those dreams into reality are the steps I'm sharing with you below.

Step #1:  Make a decision and commit to it

I made the decision that I was finally going to work on my exit plan.  This step may seem easy, but the hardest part for most people is making the decision that you want things to change.  Once you've made the decision, you then have to commit to seeing the journey through and doing...

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How To Start A Business While Working Full-Time


How do you get your business started when you're still working a full-time job?  These 3 tips will get you on your way.


Inspirational Quote

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How To Prepare To Transition From Your 9-5 to Entrepreneurship


When you're thinking about leaving the career you've built to run your own business, there are a lot of considerations you have to take into account.  You may already have a business you've started on the side, but it isn't producing enough income to replace your full-time job, yet.

If you're still in the planning phase of starting a business, then you certainly will want to plan your exit out thoughtfully and well in advance.

In this video, I share with you about my journey from my Wall Street job to Entrepreneurship and 5 steps you can begin to implement to make your Entrepreneurship dreams a reality.

Set aside 20 minutes to watch this video on your lunch break or on the way home from work, and get ready to jot down a few notes.  I know you'll find some value in today's video.

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Preparing For The Leap From Your Corporate Career to Entrepreneurship


When you want the freedom of entrepreneurship, but enjoy the comfort of your regular paycheck, letting go can seem like an impossible ask.

In this video, I share my story and the steps that I took to prepare for my leap from my Wall Street career to entrepreneurship.

The Steps:

  1. Start to take action
  2. Work on your business idea in your off hours
  3. Create passive income to help weather the initial ups and downs of starting a business a lot easier 

Watch the video to learn more about these steps and a few more that I shared.

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How to Establish Yourself As The Expert and Get Paid For Your Expertise


If you’ve ever thought to yourself, I’m not an expert, or people won’t pay me for that, then you're going to love this video.  Inside the video I share tangible, practical steps you can take to establish yourself as an expert in the mind of your future clients and get paid well for it.

As always, grab a notebook and a pen, and maybe your favorite beverage, and get ready to boost your confidence as the expert in your industry AND get paid for it!

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How to Build Your Business Before You Quit Your Job


In today's video, I'm sharing about how you can build your business before you quit your job. 

If you think you don’t have time to build a business while you’re working, or don’t know where to start, I’m going to share 4 strategies that will get you on the right path.

Step #1:  Decide on the key pieces to set up your business

Whether you are launching a new product or service, you'll want to get clear on all of the most critical operation, logistics, and legal parts of doing business.

Set aside 15 minutes to listen in on this training and make sure you have some pen and paper handy to jot down a few notes.


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How to make 2020 the year you finally launch your business


If you're ready to make 2020 the year that you finally launch your own business, then I want you to watch this video. 

Whether you're still working a full-time job and you want to start a business, or if you already have a business and want to take it to new levels, then this brief training is for you.

In the video, I share 5 steps to get you moving towards turning your business dreams into a reality in 2020.  Some strategies may even surprise you.

Grab your favorite notebook and pen, and get ready to have the most amazing year!


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