How To Discover Ideas For A Profitable Business


I recently did a Facebook Live where I tackled one of the most talked about topics I hear from aspiring entrepreneurs.  The question I hear most often is, "how do I figure out what business I should start"?  

You are likely very successful in your current career, but when you think about the possibility of becoming an entrepreneur, well, it's not quite so easy to pick an area.

In the video above, I share a few of my top ways to start generating ideas for a possible business.  

I've also created a FREE download, titled "How To Discover Your Profitable Business Idea', that will guide you through a series of questions that will leave you with a number of ideas for your business.  Click below to download.

Whether you love your job and want to add another stream of income, or plan to eventually make the leap to being a full-time entrepreneur, then you'll find this video and FREE download very valuable.


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