How to Build a Business with High-Paying Clients


If you’ve ever wondered how you could make more money in your business with clients who are willing to pay premium prices, then you are in the right place.

I've successfully built a lucrative business serving a segment of clients that may often seem unreachable, but it isn't if you know where to focus.

In this training, I shared the three areas you need to focus on as you build a high-ticket business that serves clients who are willing to pay you premium prices.

Building a business based on premium pricing is one of the fastest ways I know to build a six figure or five figure business quickly.  It can be the key to unlocking a business that's been struggling to make money.

These are the three areas that you must know and understand to build a successful premium service business.

#1 Your Mindset

Your mindset about what you believe you deserve and are worth is a large factor in whether you will have the confidence to ask for premium pricing.

Examine your beliefs around money and what limitations have you placed on yourself about what you believe is possible.

#2 Marketing to Premium or Affluent Clients

When you decide that you want to build a business that serves affluent clients or just those who are willing to invest at premium levels (they may not be affluent), you cannot market like you would to the masses.

Marketing to high-paying, high-ticket clients, requires that  you understand the psychology of how your services will greatly benefit them and speak directly to that in your messaging.  

Everything you do and put forward as a brand must also align with the image of premium fees.

#3 Value Pricing 

The difference between a business like mine, where I charge premium fees, and one that is struggling at even the lowest level of pricing, is that I don't trade hours for dollars.

In other words, how you charge is based on the value you know you will provide for your clients and not just the hours it takes to deliver that service.  

Ask yourself what are the results you get for your clients and what is that worth to them.  How much they value the results you are promising is what will drive them to invest at premium levels to work with you.

In summary, focus on these three areas to build a business of high-paying clients, so that you can have a more profitable business, more quickly.  If your goal is to one day be able to walk away from your current career, implementing this strategy as you build, will get you there much faster.


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