How to Validate your Business Idea Before Starting

Starting a business is a huge undertaking, and it's important to make sure that your idea is both viable and likely to be profitable.

Validating your business idea before you start the business can save you a lot of wasted time and resources, and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Let's take a look at a few key steps you can take to validate your business idea.

  1. Research your target market.

    It's important to have a clear understanding of who your ideal clients are, what their needs and wants are, and how your product or service is going to meet those needs.  To get started, conduct market research to gather this information, and use it to refine your business idea. 

    Make sure that your business idea is relevant and will appeal to your target audience.

  2. Test your concept with a small group.

    Once you have a solid understanding of your target market, try testing your concept with a small group of potential ideal clients. This could be through...

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The Benefits of Transitioning from Corporate Life to Entrepreneurship

As someone who has spent most of the first years of my career in the corporate world, I understand the allure of entrepreneurship. The idea of setting my own schedule, working from anywhere, and choosing my own clients and projects was something I always wanted.

But for many corporate professionals, the transition from the corporate world to entrepreneurship can be intimidating. Of course, it's very natural to have concerns about the financial stability and security that a corporate job provides. 

However, I believe that the real security is in having an income that you and you alone control.  The benefits of transitioning from corporate life to entrepreneurship for sure far outweigh the challenges.

Here are just a few of the key benefits to owning your own business:

1) One of the biggest benefits of entrepreneurship is the increased freedom and flexibility it offers.

As an entrepreneur, you have the ability to set your own schedule and work from anywhere in the...

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Holiday Wishes and The One Thing You Should Do Before Year End

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Productivity Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs

When you hear the word productivity, it might bring to mind images of creating long lists of things to do and crossing them off.

That is not uncommon.

I used to create long "To Do" lists and found that most of the time I would end up not finishing it all and feeling defeated at the end of the day.

In my almost 15 years of being an entrepreneur, I've learned a few secrets to being more productive with the time I have.

Here's what I've learned that you can put to use in not only building your business, but also in getting more out of your personal life as well.

Secret #1: Throw out the "To Do" list and create a "Priority" list instead

To Do lists set you up for disappointment. Inevitably, you'll create a list of everything you can imagine, and then you'll find that you have to keep moving items from one day to the next.

Instead, set up a "Priority" list. A priority list focuses you in on the most important things that if you got them done by the end of the day, you will feel good...

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The Key Elements to Build an Effective Elevator Pitch


When you want to confidently and effectively present yourself, even when you've been put on the spot, perfecting your elevator pitch is the answer.

It's the answer to the question you will get over and over, which is...what do you do?

Having a well thought through elevator pitch will not only allow you to easily attract your ideal clients, but it will also help you attract partners who can refer you clients.

Take the time to craft your elevator pitch/your intro before you need it, and you won't regret it.

Here's a summary of what is covered in the video:

The 4 key elements of an effective elevator pitch

  1. Be able to answer who you are, which is not your title
  2. Who do you help in your business or want to help
  3. What problem do you solve for your clients
  4. What are the results/transformation your clients get when they hire you

Watch the video for the full training and learn how to put this all together.

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Where to find clients for your new business


When you're just starting out, knowing where to find clients for your business will be critical to your success.

The strategies I share here with you in this video will apply to you, whether you work with business or consumer clients.  Even if you think some of these ideas may not be a fit for you, I challenge you to think outside of the box and keep an open mind about how you could apply this to your business.

In summary, I cover the following overall strategies:

1) Organized modern networking

2) Leveraging personal referrals

3) Speaking 

4) Becoming a sponsor

5) Establishing a social media presence

Watch the video to get the full training.

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How to stay motivated during uncertain times


When you're venturing out to be your own boss, especially during uncertain times, it can be challenging to stay motivated.

It's important that you know how to generate motivation when you need it most, so that you can accomplish your biggest goals, despite what you might be feeling.

In this video, I'll share with you 3 strategies to help you stay motivated not only on those tough days, but consistently.

#1:  You must create momentum by taking action, even if it's a small step.

#2:  Get accountability to help you find inspiration and perspective to keep you moving when you start to lose motivation.

#3:  Regularly review your goals to remind you of what you're working toward and your progress.

Watch the video to get the full training.


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How to get your first paying clients?


Getting your first paying clients is typically top of the list when you're just starting your new business.

It can be hard to figure out where to start when there are so many options for marketing your business, so in today's video I'm narrowing things down for you.

I'm going to share 3 areas you should focus on in the beginning to help you secure your first paying clients.

Watch the video for full details, but here is a quick summary:

1) Craft your elevator pitch.  You must know how to succinctly introduce your business to pique the interest of your ideal clients and partners.

2) Build a clear and irresistible offer that clients want to invest in.

3) Create awareness for your business, by leveraging networks.  Targeted strategic networking was the turning point for my business and can be very profitable when done right.

Grab a notebook and a pen and watch the video for more insights.

Additional resources:

How to create an effective elevator pitch

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7 Steps To Get Everything You Want in 2022


If this is truly the year you've decided to launch that business, or grow your new business, then I want to help you along your journey.

In this video, I share with you 7 steps to you getting everything you want AND absolutely deserve!

Check out the video for all of the details, but here's the first step:

Step #1:  Make a decision.  Decide that this is the year you will go after your dreams.  When you decide, everything in the universe will start to move to make things happen for you. 

Ask yourself if you are just interested in starting your own business OR are you 100% committed to making it happen.

Grab your favorite notebook and a pen, and get ready to take some notes. 

This 7 step roadmap could be all the difference to you being in the same place next year this time or achieving your biggest entrepreneurship goals!

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You Deserve to be Paid What You're Worth

Years ago, I went to a weekend event all around mastering your mindset around money.

It was one of the most intense events I've ever attended that's made such a positive difference in the way I think about money and my worth.

The one thing that I'll never forget is when the seminar leader told the audience that he tells potential clients that he is very, very expensive.

Can you imagine saying that to a new client?

The point of him saying that was to let people know that he knew his worth and was not going to settle for less.

My question for you today is, do you know your worth? Are you getting paid what you're worth?

Whether you are not getting paid what you're worth in your career or you're afraid to ask new clients to pay you what you're worth....

I'm here to drop an encouraging word to let you know that you deserve to be paid what you're worth.

Your knowledge and skills are valuable and they have the power to have a huge impact on someone's business or life.


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