Meet Jewell

We all have multiple talents and expertise that can serve others through a profitable business venture.

Many years ago, when I left my six-figure Wall Street job behind and decided to venture out into entrepreneurship, I truly stepped out on faith. 

My company was going through a series of layoffs, and I was asked to take a look around the firm for other opportunities. Although I had started preparing a few years earlier, I wasn’t planning on leaving just yet. 

I made the decision to stop looking for another position and make the leap to entrepreneurship full-time.

Since then, my work has been featured on A&E TV’s “Flip This House, in the New York Times, People Magazine, The Observer, Luxury Listings Magazine, and other publications.  

Over my many years of experience as an entrepreneur, I have learned how to best leverage my talents into a successful business and now want to help you discover the highest and best use of your talents as an aspiring entrepreneur.

I'm truly passionate about helping 9-5 professionals navigate the transition to entrepreneurship and would be honored to be your guide on this journey.  

To Your Success,


Jewell's Background

Jewell earned her MBA from The Wharton School in Finance and Entrepreneurial Management, was a sales and trading executive at the prestigious investment bank Goldman Sachs, and is an experienced real estate investor. 

Jewell lives in her hometown of New York City with her husband Jeffrey, and outside of her work, she is super passionate about her faith, family, sorority and animal rescue.  She has personally rescued over a dozen animals and donates to animal rescue organizations throughout New York and beyond.


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