April 20, 2018

Getting Started

I've created the Real Estate Financial Freedom System TM to make it easy for you to build passive income and real wealth through real estate, without working harder. This step-by-step system will show you how to:

  1. Identify your goals and structure your new business
  2. Arrange financing for your purchases
  3. Identify what type of property to invest in and where
  4. Locate property and analyze the numbers
  5. Schedule property viewings and make offers
  6. Create a scope of work for updates and repairs
  7. Exit Strategy:  Managing your Rental or Flipping for profit

Below you have 4 different options to help you get started depending on how quickly you want to see results, how much time you need to speak to me directly, and based on your budget level.


Dream House – VIP All Access Mentorship Program
One-on-One 3-month or 6-month Unlimited access private coaching programs

Includes a full nine hours of private one-on-one strategy calls in the 3 month program, (a full eighteen hours in the 6 month program) to be used in the increments and frequency you wish. 

Absolutely unlimited access to me via phone, and email, downloadable MP3 recordings of all calls, no-charge tuition to Real Estate Financial Freedom events, Real Estate Financial Freedom Bootcamp, and a 20% preferred client discount on all products

(6-month program also includes a 3-hour in person meeting with me in my office or via Skype to discuss whatever you need to work on and access to my personal rolodex.  Additional fees apply for travel outside of the New York Tri-State area)

The Dream House – VIP All Access Mentorship Program was created for the high achiever who wants to get moving extraordinarily fast in building their real estate portfolio for financial freedom.  This is the most popular program by far, as it provides the most access to me, creates the fastest results because you have more time with me to learn in depth, and is customized just for you.

The Dream House program is designed so that you essentially have me on call, as your personal coach, over the next several months, to be with you step by step, give you guidance, timely feedback, and help you navigate the constantly changing world of real estate….whenever you need me to be there.  We’ll schedule our calls when you want them, and for as long as you need (30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes, 75 minutes, 90 minutes, or a full two hours), up to a full 9 hours or 18 hours either by phone or Skype, until your full hours of private access are complete.  (Yes, additional time can be scheduled and will be rated accordingly).

In this program, you’ll also get unlimited email access in between scheduled calls, to help you stay on track.  In my opinion, getting immediate feedback on your investing is priceless; it can make or break certain situations.  I believe so strongly in this that you also get exclusive access to call me anytime with a quick question on the spot.  This way you’ll get immediate feedback or answers when you get stuck on an assignment or an issue.  (Note that I do not offer this unlimited access in any other program.  There are only 9 spots available in the VIP program.)

Trading Up Program
One-on-One 3-month private coaching program
Includes 9 PRIVATE 30 minute “Strategy and Coaching” Calls

The Trading Up program was created for high achieving individuals who want to get moving more quickly than they ever would on their own, stay on track and eliminate any obstacles to building their property portfolio, while making higher returns on their money than they are now.  You’ll not only learn all of the basics to give you a solid foundation to build your wealth on, but you’ll also receive customized guidance for your individual needs.  We'll schedule your private calls “as needed”, when you want them most to keep you moving forward consistently, and dealing with any obstacles or challenges that may come up.

This program also includes MP3 downloadable recordings of all calls and weekly 15 minute check-in call access.


Starter House Program
One-on-One 3-month private coaching program
Includes 6 PRIVATE 30 minute “Strategy and Coaching” Calls

This program was created for independent self-starters who don’t want to speak as often as those in the Trading Up or Dream House Programs.  It includes the same Real Estate Financial Freedom tools, resources and consistent action to building your real estate investment portfolio, without the brainstorming or the added collaborative time with me.  The focus is on solo assignments outside of the private calls. 

This option is used for Maintenance after completing 3 months of one of the other programs.

This program also includes MP3 downloadable recordings of all calls.


VIP Intensive Private Consulting Day

This option is for those who want individual attention and the fastest, most direct path to getting the advice and strategy they need to build their wealth with investment property.  Qualified clients receive a full day with Jewell (and a business partner, if desired), mapping out a targeted action plan, which is personally crafted around your specific needs and goals.

VIP days in New York City or via Skype begin at $2,000, and you must apply for consideration.  On occasion Jewell may be available to travel for your consultation to Washington, D.C., Miami, or Chicago.  Additional fees apply for travel.

To discuss your individual situation and begin the interview process, please contact Team Jewell at vipday@jewellstaley.com or (888) 501-4745.


Each program includes valuable worksheets, lots of practical assignments, proven resources, and time saving recommendations. This means you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to start building your wealth with real estate. The tools will be handed to you, ready to make your own.

If you know which program you would be interested in and would like to get started, please email my team at info@jewellstaley.com or call us directly at (888) 501-4745 and we’ll be happy to get you enrolled.  Should you still have any questions, that have not been answered here, than we want to make sure you get answers, so please call or email us.  

I look forward to helping you on your path to financial freedom and can’t wait to see you succeed.