June 24, 2018

How To Create An Offer That Gets Noticed

So you’ve finished viewing and doing your due diligence on a property, and you’ve decided to make an offer.  Congratulations!  This is a critical step that will have a great effect on whether this will be a profitable purchase for you or one that loses you money.

One of the most important parts of putting together your offer is deciding what price to offer.  You want to offer a price that is based on a solid analysis of the property’s profit potential.  Never assume that the asking price is a fair assessment of the property’s true value.  Leave yourself room to negotiate the price and have your analysis ready to back up further discussions.

Along with your offer to purchase, you should also include a pre-approval letter or a proof of funds letter from your lender. Offers that are accompanied by proof that you have the ability to pay, have a much higher chance of getting accepted.

Lastly, don’t request more than 5 days for an inspection.  Sellers appreciate buyers who don’t drag out the process just to buy themselves more time to dig for problems.  5 days is more than enough time to schedule an inspection and determine whether the findings are deal breakers or not.  As you gain more experience, you might waive the inspection all together, but for now, keep the inspection contingency.

Here’s your assignment:  1) get a copy of your state’s purchase and sale agreement to get familiar with it and 2) find out from your local lender or bank what requirements are needed for a pre-approval.

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